Molfar Beauty Forum ‘20

beauty conference
in Ukraine

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See how cool it was in 2019

To say “I'm a pro and already know everything“ is to stop and degrade. Curious people, excitable to the art — they drive this world. They set trends. I saw such people here at the Forum

Elena Kurchina
Elena Kurchina


Do you work in beauty?

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Do you work in beauty?

Who is the Molfar Forum for?

We have gathered the best representatives of the beauty industry, ready to share their experiences. Speakers will talk about the beauty trends of the year, ways to increase revenue and become more famous

  • Hairdresser-colorist

    Spy at the main feature of haircutting and dyeing in 2019 from leading hairdressers in Ukraine and abroad

  • Nail master

    Find out the most important about nail style and timeless design. Pedicure without knowledge of podology is of little interest to anyone, learn it faster with us

  • Makeup artist

    Learn how to apply makeup on thousands of likes. Listen to what advanced makeup artists refuse in 2019

  • Marketer

    What you need to know about the right SMM for a beauty salon. How to turn users into subscribers, subscribers into customers, and customers into money

  • Beauty salon owner

    Learn how to properly love the client, so that he fell in love with your salon in the back and keep him faithful for years

  • Supplier

    After participating in the Forum, suppliers are emptying the shelves and expanding their customer base. Masters and salon owners will be happy to buy the best product at the best price

Molfar Forum is a place of incredible meetings! Participants get acquainted, light each other with ideas, create beauty. If you want success, it's definitely worth a visit

Anna Kravchenko
Anna Kravchenko

What is the Molfar Forum for?

Together with you, the entire beauty industry of Ukraine is growing. Come and develop it with the leaders. At the conference you will:

  • Listen

    50 hours of lectures by recognized professionals: hairdressers, make-up artists, nail design masters, marketers. Delve into their words, trust their experience. At the Forum you will increase the expertise, after the Forum — the average check for your services

  • Meet

    Get to know the speakers and participants more closely — such links will always come in handy. Take business cards to the Forum, and from the Forum — maximum benefit

  • Buy

    At the Molfar Forum, suppliers sell professional cosmetics at their price, without store surcharge

  • Spark off

    30 hours of parties and shows! Have a rest, dance, communicate with the speakers over a cocktail and do not forget to charge the phone, it will come in handy for fabulous stories and photos

Main Event Dream Team

Competition for the title of the best team of the year and the prize fund of 200,000 hryvnia

Learn more Dream Team Cup

Do you work in beauty?

In SPU - all information about championships, competitions, training, promotion

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Do you work in beauty?

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